Homeless Outreach is HOMELESS! Urgent Prayer needed!

Our Breakfast Together Outreach we had for a few years in Santa Ana is moving. We are not sure where yet but have a few ideas. We need God's wisdom and protection. Please pray for our leadership team as they are praying and meeting to find a new home to reach out to the homeless.

Last fall the Breakfast Outreach guest particiapted in a special service along with Saddleback Church's recovery campaign. By the way, thank you Steve Hibler for providing us the Cross for this occasion. We were on our 6th choice of Life's Healing Choices (the Relationship Choice), where as you can see in the pictures we have about 15-20 people nailing names to the cross. Forgiveness is a difficult for most of us all to learn, and I was blessed to be able to witness this.
We hope we can establish a new home so those regular guests can benift from the upcoming Decade of Destiny campaign.


Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach