Life on the streets is hard, thankfully some fine the peace that passes all understanding

I am sad to inform that Kelly McCune passed away from a heart attack early this morning. Kelly was an amazing ambassador for the Lord on the streets, bringing many people to the homeless outreach, and showing many of them love and encouragement throughout the week. Kelly was the first person from the homeless outreach to get baptized at Saddleback Church. We will make an announcement this Sunday on his passing, and plan on having a memorial service October 3rd (Sunday).

  His last words to me 3 days ago was, "Chris, thank you so much for the sermon on guilt. I was able to let go of things today. I needed this message. Keep going on the path God has put you on, and never let anything get in your way. I love you." Now he is with our Lord in Heaven, free from all pain and suffering.

  He touched the lives and hearts of so many people. I will personally miss his so much; I never came across anyone so encouraging and appreciative. He would always express his thankfulness for the volunteers and how much they are needed on the streets, and how much he would get out of the messages every week.

  Please pray for everyone effected by this loss, including his friends and family.

Here is a picture to remember him, from the day he got baptized at Saddleback last year.

  Chris Anders

Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach