So blessed to have a partnership with the city of Dana Point

Today we met with Kyle Butterwick, Director of Community Development and Christy Teague, Economic Development Manager. After my last meeting with Kyle, I really felt that the future of the Dana Point Breakfast Together Outreach was in jeopardy. However, once our position was plotted out, and showing what our plans were to help the homeless as well as the Dana Point community the atmosphere turned to one of compassion, understanding and agreement. It appears that we now have an open ear and open hearts for what we are doing in Dana Point. Simply the questions was asked,"where can we go"., and continue on the works God has plans for the ministry. With an open mind, and in a true nature of love and a desire to see this ministry succeed, both Kyle and Christy started to make alternate suggestions that would work for all concerned. God's had answered the prayers we have all been praying for. It is almost as though He had softened their hearts as we met. No longer wanting to brush the homeless issue under a rug or move them to another city, but to combine all efforts to meet this need head on. I am grateful to Kyle and Christy for their time, input and now their serving hearts...The ministry lives.....

Al Powell

Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach