Hopelessness is not caused by a lack of housing, it's a lack of a loving community.

We started a small group at the Evergreen Royale Motel in Anaheim. We serve monthly at the Breakfast Together Outreach on the third Saturday of each month and wanted to offer more than a monthly meal to the residents.  We wanted to share God's love for them and thought a weekly small group could help them grow healthy spiritual lives. 

The small group has helped not only Rich and I but also two wonderful women at the motel that have no means to get to an outside small group.  One person is on dialysis and the other one is confined to a wheelchair.  Over the past six weeks we have all opened up our lives to each other and have made some real Godly connections.  We have been able to serve one another outside the small group as well.  We've helped with transportation, done some on-line set up and helped research medical options for the residents. 

Each monthly breakfast we're meeting and personally inviting residents to join the small group.  The group has a special connection. We have a safe environment that has lead to honest sharing and caring for each other. We're doing life together. Rich and I know we're blessed by the friends we've made through this motel small group.  We continue to pray for all the residents and have a few more people planning to attend this week. 


Tanya & Rich

Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach