Easter Celebration at the Breakfast Together Outreach in San Clemente!

We had 27 Easter Baskets donated that were filled to the top with household items, candy, spiritual references and bibles and prayers over each one. It was amazing to watch our new group of volunteers, join with our friends in need, to pray over each basket before they were delivered to the residence at the Algodon Motel. What was even more special was watching those that we serve, join in to help deliver the baskets and pray with the recipients-very powerful!

We served over 25 people on Easter and there were many hugs and joyful hearts surrounding each other this day! Brian delivered a powerful message about forgiveness and bringing it to the cross. We brought a wooden cross and nails for anyone that felt led to bring it to the cross and let God take control and become filled with forgiveness and peace. VERY POWERFUL!!!!

We were able to bring 8 of our friends from the streets and living at the motel to the 1pm service. God surrounded our friends with love and and their hearts were opened wide. Tim Hill spent a lot of time with Keith that day and they had a chance to connect about what is heavy on Tim's heart. During the service, Tim took detailed notes and has asked for heavy prayers over in lack of control with drinking.

It was a joyful day!

Blessings, Amie

Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach