Can the Church & State join together to make a difference? Saddleback is teaming up with the City of Costa Mesa.

Helping the homeless is easier said than done. Various programs have been in effect for many years and yet homelessness is on the rise. Today we met with three city officials to discuss how we could work together and be more effective in helping the homeless residents of Costa Mesa get a fresh start. The PEACE Plan has been effective in other countries by combining the power of three entities: Church, Government, & Business to make an impact in social needs of the community. We’re hopeful this type of resolution can be implemented here in Orange County. The city can provide housing programs, business can provide resources, and we can provide the love of Christ through volunteers, like you and me.

I have to say, that I was impressed by the compassion these people from the city had, for those who are homeless. Each had stories of how they have personally tried help the homeless get off the streets. They had first-hand experience of the difficulties of gaining trust and the lack of emotional support the city can offer someone who is homeless. They welcomed our approach of addressing the problem by helping the homeless discover a new hope provided by faith. How when a Christian brother or sister befriends the homeless they are much more likely to succeed in a rehabilitation, knowing they have a healthy community to help overcome the fear of just doing life.

Please pray that we can continue build relationships with government agencies and business to create healthy pathways for the homeless and struggling families find a place they can call HOME. Thank you everyone who has been helping the Breakfast Together Outreach make a difference.


Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach