What a blessed day this has been! A day in the life of a ministry worker.

Chris and I met at the DMV and he got his drivers license which now will allow him to get a job. He has taken the phone that we got for Scootch (long story). We added $25 to the phone and he is going to see how this works for the month. I am just excited to have a way to reach him.

He is going to can* a little today and then head down to the thrift store to get clothes and shoes for job interviews. I offered to locate clothes for him but he really wants to do this on his own. If you come across slacks and shirts, his size is a 32/33 pant and large in shirts. He is going to head to the library today to update/create his resume and start applying and locating jobs. When we were at Radio Shack, they had a hiring sign and he is going to go back and apply once he cleans up a little. Such a great thing and he is pumped! *Recycle bottles and cans from trash cans.
Dan was released from the hospital last night at 7pm and took the bus back. His belly button ruptured two nights ago from the swelling and hernias. They drained his stomach and he feels better for now and will keep us updated.

  On my way home from dropping Chris off I saw Tim. We had a cup of coffee at Jack in the Box and spent a couple hours talking. The doctors found a spot on his liver and his doctor has removed the medication the neurologist had him on. Basically he is only taking vitamins to repair the damage and he feels much better being off them. He stated that he is not going to drink and again, lots of prayers for him. He desperately wants to get out of his situation. We went to look at a senior living area but the waiting list is 2-3 years. He did take an application and she gave us a good amount of information for other subsidized living locations. I am going to contact these places and see what we can find. This is great information and I will put it together for future use in a google doc.

  Spoke with Craig this morning and he still is in pain and having trouble sleeping. He said that Tammy, the nurse who volunteered to change bandages for him, was  a wonderful angel! He feels better with the initial bandages removed and is just trying to get comfortable. Thank you to everyone for stepping in to help Craig and being there for him. Me and the kids will take him out for pizza tomorrow night and then I will check on him Sat. & Sun. and see where we go from there.
November 21-The meals that are being donated by Albertsons will be brought to a motel. Four other motels in the area will be contacted to invite the residence down to Algodon to get a complete Thanksgiving meal and to enjoy worship music, crafts and cookies. This is going to be a great opportunity to bring new volunteers down to the motel and to serve.

  November 25th, Thanksgiving Day, Family Assistance Ministries is so amazing, they are donating all the food for our Thanksgiving Lunch. We have about 5 families plus several other people that are going to come and join us. Time: 10:15-1:00pm. (food served around 11) Need a worship band, crafts for kids, tablecloths, special plates, drinks, etc...

  Sorry for such a lengthy update, but I had a lot to cover.

  Blessings to all, Amie

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