A mind blowing Thanksgiving weekend!

Tucked away in the backstreets and alleys of Dana Point, away from the homes on the bluffs and yachts, is the city's homeless and transient community. They venture out only briefly onto the main boulevard known as PCH and rarely are greeted with a smile.

Al, a new Dana Point resident, couldn't even think of enjoying Thanksgiving without first considering what he could do for his homeless neighbors in the area. So, he put to use his several years experience serving food and helping to lead the Breakfast Together Outreach at San Clemente's Algodon Motel and applied it to a free holiday meal event on Sunday.   

Bolstered by some help and support from Craig, who still serves food and love in San Clemente, and his Saddleback Church men's small group study, Al was able to kick off his vision to spread God's love in Dana Point. Over thirty people came for turkey, ham, and all the trimmings to an office parking lot just off Del Obispo (PCH south bound) in the late morning and early afternoon. It was an answer to prayer... and Al's outreach ministry was off and running. Al recounts the story:

”Rick, his wife Susan, Craig & Alex did most of the serving and they were all excited and every time a person came. So I prayed that God would send at least 5 people, since we had so much food...He definitely answers prayers. We ran out of almost all food by 11:30, and we still found something to serve when more people came at 12:30. We had almost everything put away by 12:45 and one guy showed up. So we fed him and after feeding him we had minimal turkey (wings) and a few pieces of ham left. We packed it in a baggie and gave it to him, ...Wouldn't you know it... five minutes later another guy showed up.  I mean everything was put away, so the guy who had the baggie of wings said, "I have already eaten, here ya go dude, you can have my food...WOW....I tell you we can sure learn a lot about love and taking care of one another from the less fortunate...This Blew my mind.....This could have been that guys dinner tonight and he gave it away to someone who had not eaten” -Al

Al is hoping to get enough support to do it again by celebrating a Christmas meal on December 19th. Let us know if you would like to help him.

Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach