Making the Connection! What does love look like to you?

In my mind, love is taking the time out of our busy schedules to make someone’s life better. One of the key roles of the Breakfast Together Outreach is called a “Connector.” A Connector is like a case manager or social worker who helps a homeless person find the resources they need to meet their immediate needs. However, something that distinguishes the Connector from a traditional case manager is that their agenda is not to solve problems, it’s to become friends with those they are helping. If a Connector can find help for the homeless it’s the icing on the cake. If the homeless person fails to take advantage of the programs offered, the friendship remains intact because the relationship is bridged by grace and love, not performance and results.  

A few years ago, Chris Anders caught a vision for what a connector program might look like in this completely volunteer-driven outreach. Since then, he has developed a process to equip volunteers with tools to help identify those needs and quickly finds answers for them. One of the amazing things about his model is that many of the Connectors are the homeless themselves. Who better to understand what the needs are and how to overcome the obstacles than the homeless? After a homeless person comes to the Breakfast Together Outreach for awhile,(comma) they rediscover a sense of family and the hope a community can give. Then, as they seek after God’s will for their life, they find themselves wanting to help others in their community.

The overall vision for this ministry is found in the title, in the word “Together”. It is not us helping them, it’s a we thing. We all fall short of perfection. We all have something we need and something to give. Today, Chris used his lunch break to meet with Mike and Amie, some of the core leaders from another Breakfast Together Outreach location, to share his knowledge and compare notes on how to make a bigger impact throughout all of the outreach locations. Please pray that God will grant them wisdom to carry out the vision of the Connectors!

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