"Church in a Box" beat the heat at the Studio Inn Motel

For almost four years the Outreach team at the Studio Inn had been using EZ-ups. Ron Wilbur tells how first they hauled them in and out of storage via pickups twice a month. Then we bought a trailer and unloaded and loaded them every other week. Then we were blessed to be allowed by the Studio Inn management to go weekly.

The EZ-ups were getting beat. The nylon carrying bags were getting torn up, the canopies were getting holes, and some of the frames were breaking. In Nov 2009 it became obvious that this wasn't a sustainable model, since we would soon be replacing ten EZ-ups. We started thinking about alternatives. Bingo! What if we just bought some tarps, tied them together and used them to make a tent? After a month of studying the idea we bought two 20x30 ft tarps and ten PVC pipes. Game on! On January 3, 2010 we celebrated the first services in our new "building," the tent. Hey, Saddleback has used tents for worship for a long time. No reason we couldn't do it for Breakfast Together.

Instead of $1300 or more for EZ-ups, we put up a new tent with more room, better light inside, lighter to carry, fewer parts, easily repaired and cheaply replaced - for under $250!

Steve Stills, who led the worship team, shares about a resent service in the new tent: Great Studio Inn Church today. Inspiring message from Steve Wilson "What's Your writing on the wall?", First comes Obedience then comes blessing. Awesome worship with the church - thanks Henry Moreno and Meredith White . Thanks to all the volunteers - you guys rock!

The photos tell the story

Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach