Bringing the homeless to church in San Clemente

I hope you will read this short account of God working. I have been so blessed to see a second wave of compassion hit San Clemente. Almost Ten years ago we began reaching out to our struggling neighbors and have seen many miraculous acts of kindness. This new wave seams mightier than the first and I look forward to seeing what Christ is doing though those who simply with great sacrifice have said to God, "Use Me!"

Mike shared a pic of Scooch and Tim with me and I want to share it with you.

Mike said, "Scooch left shortly after, complaining he didn't understand why they were talking about a "bleeding woman."  Keith M. went out to check on Scooch, and Scooch later said Keith was "cool."   Thanks to Keith for "befriending" Scooch and helping him feel accepted at church.  Tim really liked the service, and said he wants to start coming every week.  Praise God!"

Amie who is leading a Tuesday Night Bible study at the motel shares more, Tim is on fire for the Lord and he sounds so great. In spending time with him at the motel, he was shining and so excited about what is happening all around him. He has another doctors appointment on the 29th with the Neurosurgeon to define what procedure they are going to do on relieving the inner ear fluid. based on that appointment, they will determine how long his hospital stay is and next steps. I offered to meet him at the appointment so we both are clear on his plan.

Please take a moment to say a quick prayer for Tim and Scooch. They are willing, yet under so much attack from all sides. Help them break through! Let us know you have covered them in prayer. There are many in Orange County suffering through hard circumstances that just need a hand to be there when they reach up! Also please pray for Mike, Amie, and Patty who are giving so much of themselves to help get them "from the street to the seat."


Max McGhee

Posted via email from Breakfast Together Outreach