Mentoring Others Toward Effective Life-change
The mission of the Breakfast Together Outreach is to fulfill the Great Commission (preach the gospel and make disciples) and the Great Commandment (love God and your neighbors) by reaching out to those living as residents in motels.

Connecting Conversations
Church members reach out to people living in motels and in city parks every Sunday. The breakfast guests enjoy the presence of small groups and value simple and honest conversation about life, family, and spiritual matters. Your ministry of listening, laughing, and praying together brings God’s love in unexpected and unusual ways. Small talk can lead to God talk.

Food and Fellowship
Small groups meet an on-site leader from our ministry in morning and everyone usually remains until noon. Small groups purchase the breakfast then serve it with cooking equipment that’s already at the motel. After breakfast, the whole group enjoys a short worship service with a message and prayer.

Better Together
We also have an optional three-week training curriculum for your small group, which will help your group discover practical ways to use the gifts God has given to the group allowing your group to get the most out of your experience.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how…

  1. You will need at least 8 people in your group committed to show up. If you are short handed, see if you can get a few friends or family members to help you. Also we can blend your small group with another small group.

  2. Schedule a Sunday to serve with our Motel Coordinator by sending an email to: Other groups may have submitted the same date as you so pick an alternate date as well.

  3. Request the optional three-week small group training curriculum and we will make arrangements for us to get it to you.